Hitsan Incorporation Portable Air Conditioner

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Description: name: air condition fans power supply: ac power rated voltage: 220vrated power: 75wrated frequency: 50hznoise: ≤ 60dbtiming function: 2-8 hours water tank capacity: 5lsize: 325x280x620mmpower cord length: 1500mmuse area: 30 square meters wind class choice: sleep wind, normal wind, natural wind air supply: turn page features: -air conditioning fans make your summer no longer hot, e more intimate / comfortable. -High-density large ice crystals, cooling faster. -More powerful wind and the inner turbine-style wind guide design, the noise is smaller. -Drawer-type water tank, identical to about 8 bottles of mineral water capacity, a time to make use of water longer. Cool and more durable. -Low power and electric fans like the same electricity, air conditioning like to enjoy. Usage: the first time before the usage of ice crystals, if the solid ice crystal particles, you want to first add water to the highest bit line. After about 15 minutes, the ice crystal particles solidified into jelly-like and then ice crystals into the refrigerator 2-3 hours can also be put into the tank. Instructions for use1, the ice crystal box instantly into the refrigerator freezer to the ice crystalpletely frozen; 2, pull out the water tank, the ice has been frozen ice box into the tank; 3, the machine is equipped with two ice crystal box, can guarantee continuous use. Note: when adding water, please note that the water level of the tank cannot exceed the maximum indicator scale. When the cold air is humidified, the total water level of the tank must be controlled not not up to the minimum indication scale. If the cooling effect is to be strengthened, the ice cubes or frozen ice crystals can also be placed in the body in the water tank, warned: to enroll in the ice or ice crystal box, the water tank cannot exceed the maximum water level indicator, is strictly prohibited without water use. Package included: 1 x air condition fan1 x manual2 x ice crystal4 x casters more details:.

Tools, industrial and scientific
Portable air conditioner air c
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