Ikarus Luminous Plastic Trolley for Single Flat Battery

Amazon.in Price: 1,589.00 (as of 11/04/2023 04:51 PST- Details)

Trolley for Inverter, Battery, UPS
Durable and long-lasting
Easily moveable

Luminous Introduces premium quality, Ultra durable Trolley to scale back storage space and look home beautiful. It’s spacious, protected and constituted of tough long lasting material which doesn’t get destroyed by spillage from battery, Battery is kept throughout the trolley and Inverter is placed at the top of it. It has wheels for simple mobility. This screw less battery trolley is made for simple battery maintenance. It’s open from back side for ventilation and water topping. This can be a strong and very adjustable and easy to install.

This Unmarried Flat Trolley is Simply transportable. It’s Trolley for Inverter, Battery, UPS.

Trolley for Inverter, Battery, UPS
Sturdy and lengthy-lasting
Simply transportable