Madera Carol Six Seater Dining Table Price: 37,899.00 (as of 10:44 EST- More info)

Product Dimensions: Length (179.07cm), Width (90.17cm), Height (74.930000000000007cm)
Primary Material:Wood
Color:Brown, Finish:Mahogany, Style:Contemporary



The strongest, most durable of the wood fittings options, hardwood can last for hundreds of years if properly cared for. Oak, cherry and maple are a couple of examples of hardwood. Run your hands along the piece. Is the top of the furniture smooth to the touch? Well finished pieces don’t have any rough areas whilst you run your hands across the edges and sides. Buy the most efficient of solid wood fittings with most attractive designs on your furniture needs. 100-percent.

Product Dimensions: Length (179.07cm), Width (90.17cm), Height (74.930000000000007cm)
Number one Material:Wood
Color:Brown, Finish:Mahogany, Style:Latest
Seating Capacity:6
Assembly Required: The product requires carpenter assembly and will probably be provided by the seller
Warranty:1 year on manufacturing defects
Made of complete solid wood and crafted in ethnic designs

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