Pigeon 2-Slice Auto Pop-up Toaster

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Number of slices 2
Auto pop up
Variable browning settings

Are the most of your mornings being spent on browning bread slices on the tawa? Omit making toasts on the tawa and get this pop-up toaster from Pigeon. Automatic pop up toaster At the same time as you busy yourself with getting in a position for work, the toasts will care for themselves. Browning Regulate This toaster is equipped with 6 levels of browning Regulate that can assist you get perfectly browned toasts according to your preferences. Stylish appliance Your kitchen is sure to look smart and stylish when this brightly coloured and modish pop up toaster is placed on the counter. Product Description Get this Pigeon pop-up toaster and turn out to be those plain slices of bread into delicious toast, and put an end to your day by day struggle of what to eat for breakfast. Variable Browning Regulate Whether you need fully browned toast to eat with your morning cup of joe, medium browned toasts to make mouth-watering sandwiches or mildly browned toasts to eat with Nutella, you’ll brown the bread slices as per your taste requirements, thanks to its 6-level browning Regulate feature. Automatic Pop-up Just put two slices of bread into this toaster, and continue with your morning work without worrying about burning the slices as this toaster comes with an automatic pop-up feature. Shock proof this pigeon pop-up toaster features a shock-proof body and is ergonomically designed for ease of use and safety.

Selection of slices 2
Car pop up
Variable browning settings
Wire winder at base
Energy: 750 watts; working voltage: 230 volts