Tamatina Pub G Laptop Skins 14-inch Sticker Price: 649.00 199.00 (as of 12/04/2020 04:26 PST- Details)

HD Quality laptop sticker.
Easy to apply and easy to remove.
Dimensions: L 9 x W 14 x H .01 Inches



About the Design and Print: Premium HD, ultra-thin vinyl sheets. These skins are compatible/best suitable for laptop screens between 12 – 14 inches. They are printed as per universal size (14″ x 9″) and though we try to print the closest imaginable size, a little trimming of the skin is also required for final finishing as per your laptops specific make and model. They are easy to install and removes without leaving any gum or residue. For shizz it offers you and your machine an awesome look and with our sweet designs and 300+ DPI image quality, you definitely will steal a second look. They also give protection to your device from dirt and minor scratches increasing its life and re-sale value. How we Ship: We use the safest shipping methods as the Skin is shipped in Tough Cardboard tubes to be sure that it reaches you crease free. . We are a Prime Seller and all our Packages move through ATS – Amazon transportation services and products, Express delivery system. Maintenance: Wipe with a clean dry cloth once a week for extended life. How to Apply: Google/You tube search: “How to apply laptop skins” for best results. (Our video is up for launch very soon.”) Legal Disclaimer: Actual print image may vary a bit as image quality seen online depends on your laptop/computer/mobile screen resolution. Unauthorized distribution/copying of display images is forbidden as per trademark laws. Tamatina-TM, has not authorized any other seller to sell/display any of our cataloged designs across all/any online platforms, globally. For more info on product call us at +917024398885. Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications or concerns. We are at all times eager to help 🙂 Thank You! Team Tamatina-TM

HD Quality laptop sticker.
Easy to apply and easy to take away.
Dimensions: L 9 x W 14 x H .01 Inches
Compatible Device: All Laptop sizes between 12.1 & 14 inches.
Highly durable, Dustproof, Waterproof, Fade proof, removable gooey free adhesive and prevents abrasions and minor scratches. For more awesom designs type, “Tamatina Laptop skins followed by your laptop size” (eg. Tamatina Laptop Skins 15.6 inch) in Amazon search.

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