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20g of complete protein
10g Fiber – both prebiotic and dietary
100% natural ingredients


Size:Single Pack

Yogabars are all natural foods with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Made with simple, nutritious, natural ingredients Yogabars are a delicious way to energize and discover all the good stuff life has to offer.


Our energy bars add a little Zen to your snacking – whole grains, Nuts, Seeds and a whole lot of yumminess. Flavours – Chocolate Chunk, Vanilla Almond, Cashew Orange, Peanut butter, Nuts and Seeds, Cardamom and Coffee


Our Protein bars have some pretty standout features – 20g of top quality complete protein, more than 30% almonds, 10 g prebiotic fiber, 300 mg Omega 3s, >15% RDA calcium. Of course its also all natural and tastes like a whole food bar – it’s the perfect way to get your ‘Protein Power’ boost. Grab your Yoga Protein Bar because strong starts from the inside.


No preservatives, No artificials flavours, No artificial colours, No processed sugars – Zero nasty stuff, 100% natural

Balanced Nutrition

Simple, top quality, well researched ingredients to give balanced nutrition. Combination of whole grains, millets, nuts, seeds – all blended with the honey and dates to give you the perfect energy boost


Vanilla, Orange, Chocolate, Coffee, Cardamom or Peanuts – bursts of flavour that tickle your taste buds

Join the Movement

Yogabars is reinventing snacking with simple innovations: using natural ingredients that support cleaner nutrition labels

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Tasty, Healthy, Convenient

How did you get a hold of the idea for this product?

Looking at the retail shelves there is a gap on the subject of healthy, tasty and affordable snacks. What we eat is so fundamentally important to our well being, yet it is an area that we compromise on on account of a lack of affordable better options. We feel that food is an area that people should not be compromising on – people need in an effort to understand and accept as true with the food that they eat. That is why we created Yogabars. We love what we do and are passionate about our mission of making a healthy lifestyle easy, convenienient and tasty.

What makes your product special?

As a company we imagine in the and philosophy. We constantly work to at all times find a solution thinking through the And. It is imaginable to make things natural, healthy AND tasty. It influences the kind of products we develop – staying true to our core promise of natural food, using no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. We develop and release products that have simple ingredients and good nutritive value.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

We continue to be inspired by how making small changes and the right choice opens up such a lot of possiblities. It is important for us that our customers continue to accept as true with us and we enrich their lives by staying true to the promise of honest food. We are working hard to innovate and be more meaningful to our customers.

20g of complete protein
10g Fiber – both prebiotic and dietary
100% natural ingredients
No soy protein
No sugar alcohols – no sorbitol or erythritol
No artificial sweetners – no sucralose, corn syrup or maltitol
300mg of Omega 3s
>15% RDA Calcium
Antioxidant rich ingredients
Healthy fats
Low sodium
Gluten free

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