Macclite Water Heater Immersion Rod Price: 681.10 (as of 11/04/2023 04:49 PST- Details)

Capacity: 15w
Rust free
Color: Copper, Material: Copper


Steel cookware are rust free and lead free and very easy to scrub. Here are some instructions to keep your cookware clean. Step 1 take water and boil it. Step 2 mix some salt to the boiling water. Step 3 clean to cookware with this hot water before your first use. Step 4- after cleaning with self water. Clean the cookware with soapy water. Step 5- after each and every use you’ll clean the cookware with soapy water. Step 6- All the time keep the cookware clean and dry for better life. Step 7- never use steel or any metal scrubbers at the interior or exterior of the cookware, this may occasionally spoil your exthetical look of the cookware and take away the non stick coating from the cookware. All the time only use sponge to scrub the cookware. Step 8- All the time use nylon or wooden spatula at the pan to provide you with better and long lasting non stick coating. Step 9- don’t use oil at the pan for cooking.

Capacity: 1500w
Rust free
Color: Copper, Subject material: Copper
Package Contents: 1 – Water Heater Immersion Rod