11 Best Dustbin online in India 2022 (Price & List) Helpful Reviews

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In this blog, we have shared the top-rated dustbins being used in India. There are several best Dustbin online that you can buy in India for your kitchen, home, and any other area where you need some sanitation solution.

By using these dustbins, you will be able to throw your garbage in Dustbin and get rid of all the mess that has been created by your kids or pets at home.

We all know that keeping the home clean is an important part of staying healthy.

But cleaning up after your kids or pets can be a hassle, especially when you’re busy with work and other commitments.

Our expert suggestion of the best dustbin online in India makes it easy to keep your house clean without a lot of effort. These Dustbins are sturdy and durable, so they’ll last for years instead of breaking down as cheaper models do. And These prices are affordable – Don’t miss the great deals on set of Dustbin!

We are updating the list of Dustbin prices for all areas like home, kitchen, office, and outside. You can choose accordingly.

List of 11 Best Dustbin Online in India

Here we start reviews in details.

1. Our Pick

Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin 12Ltr

The best for home and kitchen

• Easy functional foot pedal bin
• New efficient Rod-free mechanism at the back
• Bucket inside for easy waste diposal
• Esay to lift handle
• Made of Unbreakable plastic

  • There is no need to touch the bin because it has a simple practical foot pedal.
  • It features a lid, so there’s no worry about the smell escaping the container.
  • The inside basket for cleaning is conveniently accessible thanks to the well-designed handle that may be pulled out from the exterior. Handle is lightweight and easy to lift, and it also doubles as lid support if you want an open-type dustbin.
  • It makes your space look cleaner and more attractive, while also allowing you to keep the area around you clean and sanitary.
  • With so many color options, modern design pedal bins could be a great fit for your kitchen.
  • Made of top-quality plastic with smooth, clean edges and a high gloss finish, these bins are both functional and attractive. The bin’s body is sturdy and durable while being easy to clean. These Dustbins are made of unbreakable plastic.
  • This dustbins’ major advantage: there is no rod mechanism at the rear; We don’t use a rod, therefore we don’t have to worry about breakage. In the market, people struggle with rod failure when using.


Colour Grey
Capacity1200 Milliliters
MaterialUnbreakable Plastic
Finish TypePainted

2. Upgrade Pick

Signoraware Modern Dustbin Combo (Bule+Green+Black)

Best Combo with Color

• Avialble in 3 color combo or single dusbin
• Road free for open the lid
• Removable bucket
• Easy to use and clean

It maintains the appearance of your space while also allowing you to keep it free of dirt and germs. The bin is easy to clean because it’s made of durable plastic. It’s strong and sturdy, with a beautiful design that can be found in many colors.

Made of good plastic material. These dustbins are unique in that it does not have a rod mechanism at the back.


ColourGreen, Blue, and Black
Package Contents3 Piece Eco Dustbin 12 Ltrs
Capacity36 liters
Finish TypePattern Designed

3. Also Great

Nayasa 2 in 1 Dustbin Wet and Dry Waste 33Ltr

The best wet and dry dustbin

• You keep Dry Waste and Wet Waste seperatly
• You can use it indor or outdoor
• 100% food grade and BPA free
• Creative design

The capacity of Nayasa 2 in 1 Dustbin is 33 Ltr. You can use it as Dry Waste and Wet Waste Dustbin because of its features. It also has a pedal that may be swiftly opened with a simple press of your foot, providing you with a convenient experience.

Our twin bins are composed of 100 percent food grade and BPA free materials, and they’re utilized for dry, wet waste from the home, kitchen, or office since the term “twin bin” refers to two waste compartments.


ColorGreen & Blue
Capacity33 liters
Type2 in 1 Dustbin
Rust ProofYes
Wheel supportNo

4. Combo Packs

Goodwill Tech Recycling Dustbins Metal Mesh

Best bustbins combo packs for home & office

• Avialble in pack of 2 to 10
• Open top dustbin normaly use in home and office
• You can use it with garbage bags or normally
• Keep it in dry place

  • These metal mesh dustbins are offered by Goodwill Tech. Our team tested these products for office use. But, one of my teammate also uses at home. Good experience for both home and office use purposes.
  • You also choose a pack of 2 or more than as your need home or office.
  • Buyer of this product increasing the day-to-day with the high demand of his usefulness.
  • Trash and recyclable materials of up to 6 gallons each fit into the wastebasket.
  • It can maintain a healthy, hygienic environment that is free of moisture and odors.


BrandGoodWill Tech
Item ShapeCylindrical
Opening MechanismOpen-Top

5. Smart Choice

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dustbin

Best for bed rooms or office

• Creative and attractive design
• Durable build quality with stainless steel
• Swinging Lid help to drop waste in side the dustbin
• You can use it everywhere in your home and office

  • This AmazonBasics bin is a simple solution to keep trash neatly contained.
  • The white plastic top with a lid provides easy access and helps keep your trash discretely hidden.
  • This product is made of durable stainless steel, our bin is easy to clean with warm soapy water.


MaterialStainless Steel & Plastic
Weight1.92 Pounds

6. Recycling Bin

Goodwill Tech Stainless Steel Dustbins

Best for home and office

• Comes with pack of 2
• Quality stainless steel with perforated open design
• It can be easly fit in your home and office matching with interior

These Stainless Steel Perforated Open Dustbins are set of 2 pieces. These products come with 5 liter capacity

This is made from high-quality stainless steel material.

You can use it for dry waste, such as papers and office waste, as well as soiled laundry are stored in trash cans. Trash cans are also used as a laundry hamper for dirty clothes.


ColorStainless Steel
Capacity5 Liter
MaterialStainless Steel
Weight1.92 Pounds
Finish TypePolished
Item ShapeCylindrical
Item Weight450 grams

7. Smart Choice

King International Plain Pedal Dustbin with Bucket

Best for kitchen

• This is best dustbin for kitchen with close lid
• Hygiene friendly steel dustbin
• Included removable inner bucket for throw your garbage
• Easy to use with plain pedal

5-liter capacity is sufficient for 2/3 of a person’s needs. It isn’t too big or small so that’s why it can fits in any corner without disturbing the appearance of the area. This is made with the use of high-quality stainless steel.

You can use a plain pedal dustbin in multi areas of your house, including restrooms, bedrooms, pooja rooms, dressing rooms, offices, balconies, kitchens, and gardens. It just takes a light push on the pedal to open it fully and allow you to throw your waste without touching it.

Hygienic Steel Dustbin with Touch-Free Design – The touch-free design not only seals the contents of the bin, but it also prevents germ transmission.

Garbage container with inner plastic buckets on both sides and handles on both ends, which makes it simple to remove and fill the garbage bag in. Its round hole prevents trash from clinging to the inside of the can.


BrandKing International
Capacity5 liters
MaterialStainless Steel

8. Compact Design

Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Bin

Best for small kitchen

• Strong and durable Body
• Lightweight design & easy to lift with handle
• Made of Superior quality of plastic.
• Black, Greay and Brown colors are also availble
• 6 liters and 12 liters varients are also avaible

It comes with a lid to prevent the odor from escaping while it is being stored. The handle is lightweight and simple to lift. The waste bin has a foot pedal that is convenient to use and does not need to be touched.

It adds to the beauty of your area and helps you keep the surroundings clean and good environment.

  • Made of top-quality plastic.
  • It is simple to clean.
  • The body is both strong and long-lasting.


Capacity6 liters
Item Weight910 g

9. Big Size

Aristo Plastic Swing Lid Dustbin (Green) 28 Ltrs

Best dustbin for big home or office

• Come with big size 28 liters
• You can choose Blue, Green, Red and Yellow colors
• Easy to use and removalbel swing lid
• Made in India

This dustbin has a removable swing lid. If you are looking for made in India Dustbin then it can be a perfect choice for you.

These kinds of products are easy to clean, lightweight, and much strong.

This is very helpful in the smell escaping the bin and keeping insects away. The swinging lid minimizes odor and helps to keep insects out.

It not only makes your space look better, but it also helps you to maintain a clean and better environment.

Three sizes are available, including 9, 16, and 28 liters. They’re also available in a variety of vibrant colors: red/blue/green/yellow.


Capacity28 litres
Finish TypeClear

10. Versatile Pick

Jaypee plus Waste in dusbin Black 10 Ltrs

It can be used everywhere

• Unique design
• It can fits in narrow spaces or corner
• You can use it everywhere and for all type waste
• Open design without lid

This product has an attractive design that can be fitted in narrow spaces. This Dustbin is made of a lightweight plastic body that is rust-proof, strong, and durable.


BrandJaypee Plus
Capacity10 litres
Item ShapeCylindrical

11. Under Budget

Kuber Industries Medium Size Swing Lid Dustbin

The best dustbin at lowest price

• Price of this dustbin is very low as compare to another
• It provides swing lid with 10 liters capacity
• 100% Virgin Plastic Dustbin
• Made in India

You can use this dustbin for kitchen, home, office, factory, and outdoor. You can throw in it all kind of wet, dry, e-waste garbage. This dustbin has a strong and durable body. With a simple swing lid, there is no need to touch the bin since it has an easy-swing lid.

It provides a fresh, clean look to your space while keeping the surroundings tidy and high genic.


Capacity10 liters
Item ShapeCylindrical


We hope you found the perfect dustbin for your needs and we would love to hear from you if there is anything else we can do to help. Whether it be a kitchen, office, or home-use dustbin, our team of experts will take care of finding the best one for your specific need.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dustbin

What is a Dustbin?

The definition of a dustbin is a container that stores trash or garbage. Trash can be hazardous to people’s health, so the container is designed to separate the rubbish from diseases and bacteria which are usually found in household garbage.

Dustbins are either made up of plastic, metal, or sometimes large durable plastic bags are used to dispose off the trash/garbage. The size of the dustbin is defined in liters indicating its holding.

What are the uses of dustbin?

1) To clean the house.
2) To keep your classroom free of dirt and germs.
3) To enable the quick and efficient removal of rubbish which might otherwise accumulate.
4) They are antimicrobial, safe, washable, durable, and affordable: You can use where you feel it is very compulsory to have and to use throw all kinds of garbage in it.
5) They are used to collect garbage and sweep up all of the loose dirt, hair, and other debris that is on your floors.
6) The main reason for using a dustbin is to get rid of things responsibly, and it’s important to make sure the bin is actually put out on service. This protects animals from eating or choking on your trash.

There are many easy-to-clean options for securing your trash that does not require any extra effort or spills; this includes simple trash cans designed with locking lids so they can’t be opened by anyone around you except you!

Where Dustbin should be used?

Dustbins should be placed at strategic areas where people can congregate, such as outside or within, but they should be kept away from areas where the garbage smells foul and the stench of waste thrown in the dustbin is detected.

Who invented the Dustbin?

The term dustbin (poubelle) comes from Eugène Poubelle, the inventor of the Dustbin in France. He served as the Prefet (France Word) of the Seine from 1883 to 1896 and was largely responsible for Paris’ day-to-day operations. Now days, Some company manufacture smart dustbin with automatic sensors.

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