Top 5 Dustbin for Kitchen (Affordable & Durable)

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When it comes to Dustbin, there are many options available in the market. However, not all of dusbins are worthy of your money. To get the best Dustbin for Kitchen, you need an affordable and durable one that can serve your needs without any problems whatsoever.

Kitchen Dustbins come in different shapes, sizes and colours, but do you know which kitchen Dustbins would suit your needs?

This blog post will help you choose the best Dustbin for Kitchen by listing down 5 recommended ones.

List of 5 Best Dustbin for Kitchen (Trending in 2022)

Let’s discuss the best Dustbin for Kitchen in detail:

1. Our Pick

King International Plain Pedal Dustbin with Bucket

The best dustbin for kitchen

• The round hole can fix the dustbin bag or polythene
• Made with rustproof stainless steel
• After pressing the pedal, it opens very smoothly
• It can be placed anywhere without disturbing the appearance of your areas

King International Plain Pedal Dustbin with Bucket has an openable lid that allows you to dispose of your waste easily. The pedal is made of stainless steel making it strong enough not to break after a few uses.

The dustbin itself is made of stainless steel, but the bucket which goes inside is truly sturdy, so there are no chances of it getting damaged after multiple cleanings.

This product can hold 5 L of garbage and thus fits in any corner without letting the place look untidy. So you can use 19 X 21 Inches of a garbage bag.

This is very easy to use by simply pressing on the pedal that opens it up smoothly for throwing away trash without touching anything. It has a removable inner bucket that makes cleaning even easier as you can take out the full bin directly from the dustbin and clean it.

Where You Can Use This Dustbin?

This is Dustbin designed to be used in multiple areas like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, game room, office, station, exhibition, museum and many other places indoor and outdoor which make your living area, entertainment space cleaner and more comfortable.


BrandKing International
Capacity5 litres
MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight1 kg 400 g

2. Upgrade Pick

Mofna Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin with Buckets

Best small dustbin for kitchen with combo packs

• The odor-free primary plastics material
• Perfect for small spaces
• Ideal for any kitchen, home, and offices

The Mofna Stainless Steel Dustbin with Buckets is made of high-quality steel and plastic material. Robust commercial-grade and thicker materials are used to make his durability. 

The design is simple and also ideal for any home and office. It comes in 2 pieces. They can be stacked together to save space and its easy and convenient use makes it a must-have item for every type of kitchen. This sturdy model will not bend or break under heavyweight. 

This is environment friendly and safe.


Capacity5 litres
MaterialStainless Steel
Finish TypePolished
Number of Pieces‎2
Item Shape‎Cylindrical

3. Also Great

Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin Black with 12 litres

Best for big kitchen because of 12 litres capacity

• You can use it indoors & outdoor.
• Equipped with an easy functional foot pedal.
• Rich color options: Black, Grey, Ivory & Brown
• Choose a color that makes your kitchen decent look
• Available two variants 6 Ltr and 12 Ltr (choose as per requirement)

Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin is one of the best dustbins for your kitchen. It comes with 5 features to make it different from other dustbins available in the market. It is stronger & more durable than other normal dustbins.

This Dustbin comes with a foot pedal which allows you to throw the rubbish without touching the bin. It helps you to keep your surroundings clean & hygienic.

It has a leakproof design so that no problem occurs while throwing liquids like water bottles, etc. It is very easy to clean as well which makes it a more valuable product.

These stylish-looking bins are really strong enough for office use too as they are made of premium quality plastic material so no need to worry about their strength at all.


Capacity12 litres
Finish TypePolished

4. Verstile Pick

Nilkamal Twin Color Dustbin for Home, Kitchen & Restaurant

The best dustbin for wet & dry waste

• Made in India
• Dry and wet waste Dustbin
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Capacity is 10+ litters
• Convenient Handling

Nilkamal Twin Color Dustbin is an eco-friendly dustbin that segregates dry and wet waste with its innovative design. It has two separate bins where you can segregate your recyclables, food waste, or other waste into them. You can flip open one to drop the dust inside while the other remains closed until it’s time to clean. It comes in two colours of green and blue.

It is made up of high-quality plastic which makes it sturdy enough so that you can carry it easily from one place to another without breaking it. The best part about this dustbin is that the plastic used in the making is eco-friendly and it does not emit any harmful substance which can harm your health or pollute your surroundings.

Nilkamal dustbin is very easy to maintain and clean. When you need to empty them, just open one door and take out all the dry waste from that bin, then use a wet cloth to clean its inside walls. After that close this door and do the same for another part of the dustbin where wet waste gets collected.


ColourBlue and Green
Finish TypePainted
Capacity10+10 litres

5. Under Budget

Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin for Home and Office

12 letres capacity dustbin for kitchen in under budget

• Comfortable dome for foot space
• Keep surroundings clean and hygienic
• No Rod Mechanism i: e; Good Advantage
• Superb quality of plastic used to make

Let’s keep your kitchen neat and clean with Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin for Kitchen. It is designed keeping today’s lifestyle in mind, its sleek design fits everywhere like your bedroom, kitchen, washroom, etc. 

Made of unbreakable plastic it doesn’t break even if dropped accidentally so no worry about the fear of breaking it. The dome-shaped top ensures to contain any odour or dirt inside the bin so no stink escapes even after putting wet trash. 

What makes the bin more appealing is the easy lift handle which not only saves your wrist strength but also provides you with an ergonomic grip while lifting to empty or carry around.

The main advantage of our plastic dustbin is the No Rod mechanism. So, you don’t worry about the breakage when you use these pedal dustbins at this price.

Our team has tested some rod mechanism dustbin in this range and faced a problem after 7 months with his rod.


Capacity12 litres
Finish TypePattern Designed


With all the options in this blog, it can be hard to know which dustbin is right for your kitchen. We’ve done some research and found that King International Plain Pedal Dustbin has a great selection of different colors, shapes, sizes and materials. The best part? You can choose from over 5 models! 

If you’re still not sure what model would work well for your space or personal style preferences, don’t worry.

Our team is always available to help out with any questions or concerns about the recommended products.

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