Nilkamal Dustbin Review: Is it the Best?

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Nilkamal is a trusted brand of plastic products in India, even if it is a plastic dustbin. Their products come with superb quality and design. Nilkamal has been the favourite for many households. When it comes to best nilkamal dustbin, many people have a lot of questions. What is the best? How do I choose? Is this one better than that one? 

In this blog, we will explore some of the best models on the market and identify which product might be best for you. Keep reading to find out more!

But you have to also ensure what kind of garbage bag is used in Dustbins.

Top 5 Picks of Nilkamal Dustbins

Let’s review Nilkamal dustbins in detail:

1. Our Pick

Nilkamal Plastic Dustbin with Bucket and Lid

The best nilkamal dustbin for kitchen

• Heavy Duty Plastic and 100% Virgin
• Made in india
• Best for home and kitchen

Nilkamal Plastic Dustbin with Bucket and Lid is a set of 1 dustbin which you can use in Home, Office, Restaurant & Outdoor Use. It has an easy-open Lid which helps to empty the bin without touching anything.

Nilkamal Plastic Dustbin comes under UV Protected from Sun Rays. The strong Body of this dustbin makes it durable that you can use it for a long time. Moreover, its shape will surely look attractive anywhere you place it.


Capacity12 litres
Finish TypePainted
Item Shape‎Oval

2. Upgrade Pick

Nilkamal Twin Colour Dustbin For Kitchen

The best nilkamal wet and dry waste dustbin

• Easy to use and clean
• Each bucket hold 10 ltr capacity
• Made in India

The Nilkamal Group is a leading home and lifestyle products manufacturing company in India. The twin colour dustbin from the Nilkamal Group has been an innovative product that serves the needs of a housewife perfectly.

This dustbin can store both wet and dry waste, thus making it a two-in-one product. The detachable bin makes this dustbin work seamlessly for everyone who uses it because it can be easily removed for cleaning or when you need to transfer wet waste to another container. 

With its user-friendly features, the twin colour dustbin by Nilkamal has been one of its major successful products.

It can be perfect for you if you are looking for a nilkamal 10 – 10 ltr separated dustbin for the kitchen.


ColourBlue and Green
Finish TypePainted
Capacity10 + 10 litres

3. Also Great

Green Nilkamal Dustbin with Wheel & 120 + 120 Ltr

Best dustbin for outside of home

• UV Protected dust bin from Sun Rays
• It design for less space
• You can easy to move with help wheels

Nilkamal 120 ltr wheel garbage dustbin is the most popular wheeled dustbin in the Indian market, it has a space-saving design. This wheelie bin can easily move with wheels even with full of garbage so this wheel Garbage Dustbin will provide convenience to the user. It’s heavy-duty use with space saver design attracts many people towards it. It is also protected from UV sun rays.

This large capacity wheelie bin is available in green and blue color, so it will suit all types of surroundings of your house/office building, etc. Nilkamal Wheeled Garbage Dustbins are also best for out of the homes, offices, and shops to dispose off huge quantities of garbage every day.

If you are looking Nilkamal dustbin 100 ltr then it can be very helpful for you. Do you want to know price seriously? Then you have rights to click on button.


ColourRED, Blue
Capacity2 x 120 litres
Item ShapeSquare

4. For Outside

Nilkamal Blue Plastic Garbage dustbin 60 Ltr

Best for outside of home and restaurants

• Stand free dustbin
• It come with 60 & 80 lrt of capacity
• Best for commercial purpose

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will be successful only when all common people come forward together to take a pledge of making their surroundings neat and clean with Nilkamal Plastic Garbage Dustbin. Every home as well as society must have one of these dustbins in each corner or place where garbage gets collected.

In future more such products with high-quality material would be introduced by the company which will benefit every individual at large.

This product can be very useful for both commercial as well as personal use. All types of garbage can be thrown inside Nilkamal Plastic Garbage Dustbin without any hesitation because there is no need to touch or lift dirty waste bins anymore. 

This dustbin has no stand and the user needs to hold it when in use. It is light in weight with smooth edges and so can be carried anywhere like streets, gardens, beaches, etc. There is no need to clean it because waste can be thrown inside this dustbin without touching the container.


Capacity60 litres
Item ShapeSquare

5. Big Capacity

Green & Blue Nilkamal Dustbin with Wheel 2 x 120 Ltr

Best combo pack if you need big capacity of dustbin

• Heavy duty dustbin with quality rubber wheels
• Made in India
• Both can easily hold 200 Ltr of waste

Nilkamal 120 Ltr Wheel Garbage Dustbins have a strong Lid with a heavy-duty hinge to prevent any kind of dust or water leakage. It’s suitable for all kinds of commercial industries, small offices, and institutions.

These are made from shock absorbent high-destiny UV stabilized polyethylene to minimize degradation due to UV light. It’s resistant to common chemicals and acids and can handle low and high temperatures. Both Dustbins come with wheels that are designed to provide easy transportation of waste from the workstation to the main garbage area by providing appropriate support for smooth movement.

If you searching for approximately two sets of nilkamal dustbin 100 ltr or up to it then we highly recommend you to look at these products and check its prices.


ColourBlue and Green
Capacity120 + 120 litres
Item ShapeSquare


We hope you will be able to choose your dustbin from Nilkamal Brand with our top picks. These are all Dustbin good for using multiple areas but it depends on you how much capacity in Dustbin you want. We already explain every point of Nilkamal Dustbins when it comes to quality, colour, capacity, and durability.

Now, we have a question for you which Dustbin did you choose and why?

and You can ask any questions.

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